1. Why are we creating a Neighbourhood Plan?
2. The Neighbourhood Plan process
3. A brief history of Bracebridge Heath
4. Bracebridge Heath today
5. Community vision
6. Community objectives
7. Housing growth
8. Affordable housing
9. Historical character
10. Commercial and retail Uses
11. Employment
12. Community facilities
13. Green infrastructure
13a. Maintaining separation
13b. Viking Way and Lincoln Edge Green Wedges
13c. Open spaces, sports facilities and recreation facilities
13d. Locally important views
14. Designating Local Green Space
15. Transport and Public Rights of Way
16. Implementing and monitoring
Appendix A Possible Community projects
Appendix B Bracebridge Heath Heritage Assets
Appendix C Bracebridge Heath green spaces
Appendix D Use classes definitions September 1st 2020
Appendix E Glossary of terms
Appendix F List of additional supporting documents
Chart 1 Population of Bracebridge Heath by age group (2011 Census)
Table 1 Housing facts for Bracebridge Heath (2011 Census)


1 Housing mix

2 Design of new housing developments

3 Car parking and electric charging points

4 Cycle parking and storage

5 Allocation of affordable housing

6 Protecting the historic environment.

7 St John’s Craft Workshops

8 Retail and leisure provision

9 Sleaford Road Industrial Estate

10 Renewable technologies on employment sites

11 Small scale business developments

12 Protecting community facilities

13 Green infrastructure

14 Maintaining separation

15 Viking Way and the Lincoln Edge green wedges

16 Open spaces, sports facilities and recreation facilities.

17 Locally important views

18 Designating Local Green Space

19 Protecting existing and establishing new non-vehicular routes for pedestrians and cyclists

Table 2 2015 Council Tax Bands for Bracebridge Heath
Table 3 Percentage of respondents showing much preferred option
Table 4 Employment opportunities favoured by parishioners
Map 1 Bracebridge Heath Designated Neighbourhood Plan Area
Map 2 Central Lincolnshire Local Plan -Allocated areas of development in Bracebridge Heath 
Map 3 Bracebridge Heath’s character areas                            
Map 4 Village centre: showing green areas and facilities
Map 5 Showing the separation areas between Bracebridge Heath and surrounding villages of Waddington, Canwick, Branston and the City of Lincoln
Map 6 Viking Way and the green wedges
Map 7 Green spaces in Bracebridge Heath (Jan 19)
Map 8 Locally important views
Map 9 Designated Local Green Space in Bracebridge Heath
Map 10 Existing Footpaths and bridleways in Bracebridge Heath
Map 11 Showing the position of listed buildings and non-designated heritage assets
Bracebridge Heath war memorial